Review of the Space Invaders Slot Machine

Playtech’s Space Invaders is a branded slot machine tailored at gamers of a certain… ahem… vintage. It screams “retro gamer” for being based on the iconic 1980s and ’90s arcade game of the same name, which is credited with helping to popularize video games around the world together with Packman and the subsequent Super Mario console game (kids of the ’90s will get this reference).

One could conclude that this slot is responsible for reviving public interest in an old arcade favorite, and that this could lead to a revival of arcade games in general or, at the very least, a boom in the popularity of slots with an arcade theme. Visually, the reels are set within a cabinet reminiscent of a vintage arcade game, and the pixelated icons are a dead ringer for the original.

Stop wasting time with empty talk and get down to business. There are 10 paylines and 5 reels in this slot machine. You can wager as little as one coin each spin per line and as much as twenty coins per spin, per line. These can range from 10p to £100, which, when multiplied by the maximum payout of 150x, adds up to some respectable prizes. There are two bonus bonuses, however there are no free spins or a progressive jackpot.

Of course, we would be negligent if we didn’t point out that Space Invaders may be played on many other systems. So, whether you want to play on the go with a mobile device or tablet, or at home in front of your desktop computer, you have options.

It’s time to board the Train to Yesteryear!

Space Invaders slot is a lot like the classic arcade game in that it tasks you with defending Earth from extraterrestrial invaders. The only real change is that this time you’ll get compensated.

For a change, there are no icons representing highly valuable playing cards. Images of planet defenses, spaceships, alien creatures, and three different colored pixelated aliens can be seen. The maximum payout from the last one of them is 150 times your line bet, making it the most valuable. To do the calculation, you should use the maximum coin value of 20 coins as your maximum stake. Wilds can appear stacked along with any other symbol. However, wilds only appear during the game’s two extra features, none of which are active during the regular game.

So, until the Turn Wild feature (Invaders Turn Wild) or the UFO Wild Feature is activated, you won’t see any wilds on the reels. Below the reels, you could see a cannon. The first of two bonus bonuses is activated if it halts on reels 2 or 4. When the cannon hits a reel, it will eliminate low-paying icons and replace them with wilds. Wilds, in keeping with the game’s minimalist aesthetic, will just be the word “wild” in a circle.

Remember that the replacement will be made by the cannon only if the results form a valid combination.In the second of the two bonus rounds, a spaceship will swoop over the reels. The bonus round will begin, and the cannon will fire at the UFO, if (or when) the UFO and the gun line up after the reels stop spinning. This triggers a respin with the possibility of up to nine additional wilds being dropped by the UFO.

Don’t be put off by the fact that there are only ten reels, as they pay in both directions.

Easy to Pick Up and Play, Like Old-Fashioned Video Games

If you look at Space Invaders objectively, it’s just a simple slot machine, but that’s part of its charm. In addition, players of a particular age will find the retro games nostalgic and entertaining. The rewards aren’t very large, but they happen often enough to make up for the volatility, which is fair to moderate.

There aren’t any free spins per se, which is a minor complaint. However, there are two bonus rounds, one of which can award a free re-spin with a potentially massive premium. To find a casino that offers this game or one that offers a different skin, look through the list of recently launched slot sites.






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